Monday, October 4, 2010

i don't want to place any blame or anything

but i feel like telling the tale of the trip to the island wouldn't really sound... objective. but let's not worry about that.

really, my recent visit to the island was a string of comedic blunders.

night before departure, drunken psm tears over disappointment over bad weather. alarm set wrong so awakened hour late in the morning, rush to a bus, then a car, then a ferry.

ferry food. bleh *shiver*.

moseying on a little wander-bout, visiting town of murals and becoming significantly lost in attempt to locate the hosts' home. late arrival.

playing with the dog, playing with the baby. a never ending wine glass resulting in an invitation to stay the night.

getting too drunk to drive home while having an hourly rental car - painful financial consequences. drinking, smoking, vomiting, passing out before dinner was served - after 9p mind.

hang over, bear scouting. porridge of mortar and a steep, brisk hike.


departure, forgottens, race against time with a dignified win.

all while unwashed, wearing ratty yoga jammies, accompanied by a wounded bambi, if you will.

[ed note: if i never witness another head bowing bridge squeeze with a side of mournful sigh again, i think i will manage to live another day.]

i suppose i was looking for a break to the boredom, and as my boss best indicated - a good cocktail party story.

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