Friday, February 12, 2010

vancouver olympic torch relay and protest

riding the bus to work this morning...

oh dear

let's all stand in the middle of the street

oh right, today's the torch relay, right.

| | |

what now? could that be

are you saying the olympics is nothing but watersports?

complacency is complicity, eh?

the rich play, the rest pay, eh? yea, welcome to reality.

i love this arthouse longhaired guy on the right, documenting the scene by carrying around his camera still on its tripod so that he can get some raw footage for the crappy docudrama he'll make about the IOC and how it's evil.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

i can't call it my 'girlcave'

isn't that already a euphemism for a vagina? how odd, it appears no one's defined girlcave yet at well anyways, i can't call it my girlcave because it sounds too much like an euphemism for vagina to me.

i was standing out on my balcony watching a hazy winter dusk, thinking about how much i love my new home -- feeling all protective of it. it's my skyhigh zen palace and ain't nobody coming in to mess up this chi. it's private, cozy, and all mine. like a man cave, i thought.

i'm not a man though -- girlcave came to mind. but i'm a grown-ass woman.

maybe i'll just call it home.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

my sassy new building

one morning during my first week at my new place i see this:

general gist of the memo: thanks to the olympics we're going to police the hell out of the parking lot.

response: *dick sketch* 'too much expensive'