Monday, November 30, 2009

florence and the machine: queen and court of 2009

i don't care if december is still three hours away -- i'm beating the critics to the punch and declaring the best album of 2009:

lungs by florence and the machine

forget your owl city's and your lykke li's and your passion pits; annoying, boring, cliche. blah blah blah. i've been obsessed with florence and the machine after a mention by none other than p nasty himself.

who wants to read about music -- listen for oneself, right?

song for the work-out mix: dog days are over

epic journey in 4 minutes: rabbit heart (raise it up)

for those of us who love rough housing: kiss with a fist

happily hypnotic: drumming

after my beloved childhood pet died, i asked my ipod to play a song that would make me happier - it did: you've got the love

the most beautiful song that will ever upset p.e.t.a.: bird song

the lyrics drive me completely bonkers. i spent weeks just feeling the sonics before i started to listen to the lyrics i already knew by heart; except i hadn't thought about those words at all.